Back to School at Discovery Point - Enroll Today!

By Roger Clough June 26, 2024

Discovery Point Twelve Oaks is a premier childcare franchise! We have a national franchise that has been in business for over 30 years!  Our franchise focused heavily on staff and curriculum development. We have two Directors with over 25 years' experience and a curriculum coordinator. We created common assessments, have current academic units to identify that adopt best practices, and are aligned to the Florida education standards. Our teachers all have lesson plans that they follow, a classroom schedule, weekly calendars with lessons that they follow and each week we have a different theme for the school. Our teachers are provided Lesson planning time every week to prepare their lessons and provide the best educational experience for your child. The curriculum is for Infants 6 weeks- 5 years of age. Our academic program has been broadened.  We revamped our Volunteer Pre-Kindergarten curriculum and introduced Junior Pre-Kindergarten (JVPK) to our school. Our JVPK and VPK curriculum is through Frog Street and nationally known curriculum.  These programs are a mix of the NYS standards as well as the Florida Education standards, but still staying in the regulations of the Florida education department. We have a school where the children are provided benefits of diverse skills and face a fresh challenge on a daily basis to help them succeed.

Our curriculum is based on" that every child learns differently", we want to focus on enhancing content knowledge and best practices for our early preschool children. The curriculum is researched based and we have used examples through curriculum connections. We address skills needed by everyone through supplemental instruction and intervention (We may need to change a lesson or instruction based on individual needs). Our curriculum is based on teachers' innovation and creativity. We want them to have the flexibility to select a book, song or art that may fit into a particular lesson. They can be creative although all of their lessons suggest a specific book, song, art etc. At the infant age the curriculum is not so complex. We are working on sensory, cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

Each room has a schedule that is followed throughout the day. From breakfast, group learning, calendar time, centers, outdoor play, until the end of the day. We do have a schedule for infants, but it varies depending on feeding, sleeping and other daily routines. Their schedule is very open. As they grow older and move up the schedule is followed to suit each room. Our playground is a turf field. Our students go out twice a day as part of our curriculum. We are also partners with Amazing Athletes and Super Soccer Stars. This is part of our Physical Education program and part of the tuition.

We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks. We have our own chef and commercial kitchen that serves and cooks the food through our state-of-the-art kitchen. We have a cafeteria where the students eat and where we also hold our events.

We are open from 6:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday. We are closed on some holidays.  

We have a before school and after school program and transport our students to several Elementary schools in the area from ages 6-12. We have summer camps, holiday camps and spring camps. The camps include field trips, guest speakers, team building games, cooking and much more!

We have a priority on children's safety from floor plans with full visibility, keypad locks, cameras, strict visitor policies, background checks and staff training programs throughout the year.

We are committed to quality through monthly reviews, high standards of health, nutrition, and safety that far exceeds requirements imposed by state regulations.

We encourage family partnerships through daily reports sent home and updates on the school through newsletters, emails, conferences and our app to provide hourly updates for your child.

Any questions please call 941-200 -4250, check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website.